A Reputation Built On Quality And Service

Our Principles

  • We were founded on a core set of beliefs, and we believe those principles have helped carve our reputation to this day.


Our Sample Box

  • Our sample box has always been a hit with customers.  With different thicknesses and edgeworks, it's easy to spot a quality-minded retailer.


Talk to us

  • Are you a retailer? Do you have a question? Give us a call, email us, or use the contact form.  We are happy to assist.


Terms & conditions

  • As a wholesale supplier we deal exclusively with businesses experienced with glass. All sales are bound by our Terms & Conditions.


Why choose us?

  • Simply put, “We Care.”

    We custom fabricate each piece. Whether the order is for 1 piece, or 1,000 pieces, each piece undergoes the same production and inspection process. We understand our customers have chosen us for our quality, and we strive to ensure each piece lives up to our reputation.

    In addition, we pay attention to the details.

    • Each Purchase Order is reviewed.
    • Each Order is double checked.
    • Each piece is individually inspected, multiple times.
    • Each order is hand loaded or crated.
    • Each order (within our delivery area) is delivered by a team member.
    • Each member of our team is committed to providing the best customer experience.

Delivery information

  • Within our specified delivery area, products are delivered at no additional charge to ground floor, commercial addresses.

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