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Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. - Our History


Founded in 1978, Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc.'s core principles were established to provide the highest quality flat glass products, with the highest level of customer service available.


The sales territory was expanded into Northern California.


Expansion of the Talent, Oregon facility was constructed to meet the increased demands for our products.


With the expansion and delivery area extending to Southern California, the Talent, Oregon facility expanded it's building size once again.


To meet continued demand in the Northern California area, and provide more efficient service, our Fairfield, California facility was established.


To meet further increase in demand, and expand production capabilities the Talent, Oregon facility underwent further expansion.


With the installation of a new tempering oven, Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. increases the quality of tempered products.


With advancements in technology, Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. designs and partners to develop it's order entry, tracking and billing software.  This advancement leads to more accurate orders, reductions in duplicate procedures, and streamlined processing.


With the overwhelming success of our Heavy Shower Door products, additional investment is made in machinery and this section of production is expanded.


By working together as a team and focusing on Safety, Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. employees begin a successful long-term strategy which reduces workplace injuries, develops employee training, and leads to positive results in workplace culture.


To meet customer requests for high quality Insulated products, our Fairfield, California facility was expanded and began producing insulated products for select customers.


Focusing on efficiency, Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. employees were able to reduce delayed shipments and customer returns, to levels not previously experienced.


Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. employees were once again increased our on-time, met requirements shipments. Further instilling our dedication to providing products customers are able to count on, being delivered when expected.

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