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Low-Iron vs. Clear Glass

Low-Iron Glass is created by reducing the amount of Iron within the glass ingedients.  When this is done, the typical green cast of what is commonly called "clear" glass, is reduced.  Low-iron product will continue to have a color cast, with each cast differing by manufacturer.  Keep in mind, the smaller the piece, the less amount of cast.  The larger the piece, the greater the cast.  We have provided an image to present the differences on our Low-Iron product page.  Feel free to view this image, to see the number of differences due to size changes.

Low-iron products are referred to by a number of different product names.  Some of the most common names include: Starphire, Krystal,  and Optiwhite.  These names are presented by the manufactures, and as previously stated each manufacturer may have a slightly different color cast.



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