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Do you have a project requiring sandblasting? Send us the details and let us take care of the rest. 



Surface Sandblasting

Does your project require something soothing and opaque?  We can sandblast the entire surface of your piece to bring a nice, even, opaque finish to your design.  The slight texture of the sandblast can add a nice character.


Design Blasting

Company logos, digital designs, or maybe your favorite two color piece of art.  Tell us what your needs are, and we will see how we can apply your specifications to your pieces.


Reverse Blasting

Reverse blasting is a snap.  Your lettering will be clear, the remaining surface will be blasted.  This unique look will add class to almost any project.


Partial Blasting

The entire surface, or just a portion, we have the ability to blast only what your design requires.


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