A Reputation Built On Quality And Service

Wholesale Only

We sell wholesale only, because we care.

We recognize, and take our role seriously, we manufacture glass products.  Glass has a fragile nature.  In addition, due to the number of different industries we work with, we produce products based on customer specifications.  We rely heavily on our customers knowing the end use of the product they are ordering.  Therefore, we rely on our customers to ensure all items specified to us, will meet all local and federal codes for the final installation.

Because of this, we screen and qualify all customers before we begin a business relationship.  This ensures we do not inadvertently sell products to customers who are unaware of necessary specifications.

For this reason, we do not sell our products direct to the public.  Please understand, we do this to protect our customers, and we do this to protect anyone who may come in contact with our product for years to come.




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