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Low Iron Coloring - Low Iron products will have a coloring difference between small and large pieces.  Learn more about the color diffrence by following this link.

  • Spontaneous Breakage - Spontaneous breakage is typically caused when the glass has tiny, often naked to the human eye, inclusions.  These inclusions remain from the manufacturing process.

  • Tempering Specifications - We have prepared a listing of specifications directly related to tempered glass.
  • Quench Marks - This great resource, developed by Pilkington North America, provides great information on the Appearance of Quench Marking. 

  • Flaw Information - We compiled a great resource here, with information regarding the ASTM standards for flaws in flat glass products

  • Retail Assistance - Here are a number of forms to help the home owner order glass from our customers.


  • GANA - There are a number of great resources here.


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