A Reputation Built On Quality And Service

Inside Knowledge


Tight Tolerances

We pride ourselves on attempting to hold the tightest tolerances in the industry.  Whether it is a large shelving order, or a custom table top, each piece is checked to size numerous times throughout our process.


Quality Control

During each step of our process, pieces are inspected to size and shape.  In addition, at each of our inspection stations, our staff watches for flaws, scratches, or imperfections.  By taking the extra steps, throughout the process, we ensure our products are shipped with our high quality standards in mind.


Bright Finish

Final polishing is where production becomes time consuming.  However, we believe polishing is worth the extra time.  There is a special sparkle to our products, and we like to think the end customer can tell the difference.  While they may not know exactly what it is, they do know there is a difference.








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